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Ashok Jain – March,2017
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Star of the Month – March, 2017

Ashok Jain

Author- Girish Kulkarni

img_1In our monthly series of “Our Guiding Northern Star” this month, we are going to talk about an extraordinary personality, who is very committed and attached to Farmers and Farming. Our guiding star have 30 Industries,146 Offices and have 6700 distributors, over 10,000 employees and more than 7000 Crores of turnover in almost 130 countries. In this month, we are discussing the success story of existing President of Jain Industrial Group, Jalgaon Mr. Ashok Bhawarlal Jain. Today his Industrial Group is number one in not only in PVC pipe manufacturing industry but also number one in Drip-Irrigation, Tissueculture of Banana, Pomegranate plant and Mango & number two in culturing Onion and Vegetable.

As of today, the Jain Group has been awarded with 13 International, 136 Nationals, 43 State and also recognized by 72 organizations globally. The Jain Group is respectfully ranked by 16 National and International organizations and have been honoured by 3 respected National personalities. Till date the Jain Group has been awarded with 283 awards. Of course there is only one name behind grand success of the Jain Group is the founder and senior thought leader “Padmashree, Dr. Bhawarlal Jain” respectfully known as “Bhau”.

This journey what other think of it, was not so easy for Mr. Ashok Jain (Son of Late Shri Bhawarlal Jain) even if he inherited all businesses from his family. Mr. Jain is the man of business principles, like he believes in work efficiency, thought leadership, aim to make business successful. These principles helped Mr. Ashok Jain to run business successfully and take it to the top in his business segment, after demise of Shri. Bhawarlal Jain. The Journey of taking his business to the top, was just a result of long-term and positive thinking of Late Shri Bhawarlal Jain which Mr. Ashok Jain has inherited from his late father.

Shri Ashok Jain was born in Jalgaon and had completed his education in Jalgaon, but he spent most of his childhood in Wakod, the place where his father and fore-father lived. He used to spend all his Saturdays, Sundays, Diwali and summer break in Wakod. He grew up in financially middle-class family. Trading was the only source of income for the family. “Whatever we get from trading, take what is needed and give the rest back to the society” was the basic thought behind trading and not earning a profit.

As he grew up, he got attracted towards Farms, Rivers, Bullock carts and Tractors. He had really great time in growing up in a joint family of 26 people,among that 16 were kids. As per Mr. Ashok Jain “Today’s generation is not so fortunate to grow up in such a big joint family, we cannot even compare it in today’s life”. He really enjoyed and experienced living in natural, pollution-free atmosphere. Viti-dandu, Marble (gotya), Top (Bhovara),Police &Thief,Hide & Seek (Dabba express), Chess, Cards, Stone and Ball

game(lagori), Snakes and Ladder,Round Chain (son-sakhali), Monopoly (vyapar) are few games he enjoyed in his childhood in his summer break. He also played Kho-Kho and Kabaddi in his school days and Hockey and Football during the college days. He still remembers one thing from his childhood from which he learnt a lesson for his life-time. In those days, he used to live on Third floor of the building. While playing, he and his two friends went to back of the building, which is always less crowded and quite. They found piece of burning cigarette, may be somebody had thrown it on the ground. As he was in his teen age,obviously got attracted to the cigarette and picked up it from the ground. He was about to put it in his mouth,same time his mother saw him smoking the cigarette. She called him back home and punished him for it. He never got attracted towards it or felt urge of smoking the cigarette.

He specifically wants to mention some of these things from that period of his life, which he has experienced and which impacted him for a life-time. In those days, social relations were considered as good. There were 60 houses on both the side of road in a colony but they never felt any differences among them. Even scolding the younger kids was with good intentions and affection. Even though younger kids were scared of the elders, but there use to respect too.So they were very sure that they will not do anything wrong.

He cannot even stop talking about living in a joint family. In a joint family of Uncle, Aunt,Grand-father,Grand-mother and kids, together all 16 used to stay in two rooms. After some time because of necessity of business, two families got separated,but they still come together on special occasions and they are happy and satisfied. “Life is work and work is Life”was his father’s principle and they are still following the same path. Ashok Bhau and three of his brothers are still live and work together.

Speaking about his career he says he was more interested in sports than education. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in commerce, he got admitted to his master’s but dropped off in the middle of the year. He was more inclined towards practical education than school education. He used to sit in has father shop while continuing his education.


He learned how to make bills and how to communicate with customers in the shop.He quickly learned the way of doing the work and how to calculate salary of the staff members in their shop. He learnt 5/20 EPBX, Franking, Xerox and Telex along with it. And his career started in real sense after he completed his education. He was appointed in their Mumbai office for a year. He quickly

grasped import-export,purchasing,banking and management. He used to share room with one of his colleague and arrangement for food was managed well.

After that he was appointed in their shop in Jalgaon to look after the sales counter of the company. They used to start the work at
8:30am,so Ashok Bhau and his colleague used to be at the shop at 8am to open and clean the shop. The shop was not supposed to be closed until the calculation for the day is done. Here he experienced and learned real skills of communicating, dealing with customers,their problems,sales, after sales services.

After that he handled responsibility of meeting the pipe distributors for a year. He used to work with the officer in the divisional
office to search for the pipe distributors. So in this journey he nurtured his liking for History. He visited many historic, Forts, Religious places,Spiritual places and enjoyed being close to nature.

Next he was appointed in Papain department of the company. He got prime training of all transactions in 6 months and same for PVC pipe company. He learned production and oversee delivery of the product here. After all this experience he was appointed in sales department of main office of PVC pipe company. There were around 300 distributors for the pipe company and marketing was not an

easy task. After that he received responsibility for Food processing and Green Energy. In 1985 their family got separated and from 1990 onwards he started looking into their business socially like participating in sports, educational, cultural,religious, and spiritual events. Being elder in the family he got the responsibility of running the family business.

“Quality of company goods”,“After sales services” and“Customer is God” were the basic rules of the business he learnt from the beginning is no boss-employee relationship exists in the company, instead they maintained good colleague relationship. He used to believe that “We can do great work without corruption or unethical practices, but still we can progress and reach to the top”. The Jain Group is still following Late Bhawarlal Jain’s vision of”Live this world, better than you found it”

Since 1983, he started working in the company and became Director of the Jain Group.He was responsible for Human Resources and Public communication. From 1990 he looked after domestic marketing of the company. The Jain group has great contributions in creating net of distributors in rural part of the country. In 1993he was appointed as a Director of Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. As company was growing the responsibilities were also demanding.1995 he became Corporate Director and appointing as Vice President of the company. After Late Shri Bhawarlal Jain he is existing President of the Jain Group. Working for such a long time,
he acquired detailed knowledge of running the business, which helped him to step-up in his life. He learned the way understanding and implementing things in business. He had never been offered any discount anywhere for being a son of the Chairman. He really worked hard for each task given to him. He is very happy that by maintaining a good work culture at the Jain Group,today he is living a satisfied life.

He still remembers the day he started his career. He was so nervous to go to Mumbai for his first assignment,he was worried and
had many doubts in his mind, like how he will survive. But on the other side, the employees of the company were very excited and happy to train Son of their Boss, which made him relaxed and took away all his worries and doubts. Talking about ups and downs in
business, that sometimes made him personally unsuccessful,but he learnt many things even from failures and kept moving forward.
Working in Multi Media it was one of his wish, so he started business in the same industry, but he was not successful as expected, so he stopped it completely.

He learned one thing from it that no one should take any decision emotionally. He decided not to start any business without having practically well planned,detailed information and knowledge about the business. He decided to share his thoughts with his experienced colleagues, before going ahead with the business and it helped him a lot in a long way. He learned through his experience to focus on only core business. He is very proud to say that his father was his idol and mentor. He think his father is like a live encyclopedia of world knowledge, you can ask anything and everything to him. And he believes that even today “Bhau” is not
with them physically but he is always in their thoughts. Today also he has many teachers as his idol from his school and college days,but at social and business front “Bhau” was the only Idol he had. He proudly says that his mother had great contribution in completing his education successfully.

While talking about his social life, he is very positive and firm to say that whatever he gets from the Society, he has to give it back. So
he does all social work whole heartedly. Today also he is handling responsibility as President of “Gandhi Research Foundation”, President of “Jalgaon District Hockey Association”,Vice president of “Harijan Sevak Sangh” started by Mahatma Gandhi,Trustee of Jain Charitable Trust,Vice President of “Maharashtra Chess Association”, Vice President of Cricket, Football and Softball Association.

He has been appointed as a member of Industrial Training Institute by Government of Maharashtra, appointed as Senate member
of North Maharashtra University by Governor of Maharashtra. He is a Director of “Mahavir Co-Operative Bank and Director of Red Cross Society. He is working as active trustee of Late Shri Vasantrao Chandorkar Memorable Trust.

He loves what he is doing. Because of all these things he gets connected with society. He thinks social events helps to minimize the differences between Society and Organizations. He has special affection towards Arts. Photography is one of his hobby and he is also a President of Jalgaon Photography Association. “Life is Work and Work is Life”,“Work without money,money without hard work”
and “Responsibility instead of wealth” are his Mantra’s for successful life. He completed his father’s dream in reality. He is still following valuable guidance and prime principles taught by his Father”Bhau”.

Inspiring Principles of Mr. Ashok Jain for our readers:

  1. Make the world more beautiful than you found it.
  2. Do more hard work and work helps you to exists. If you work hard, God will be always with you.
  3. Situation changes social values but always be honest. Without honesty, you cannot achieve success.
  4. Never compromise with your principles.
  5. Always have succession plan ready to grow.
  6. Make a resolution “Whatever you do, do your best.”
  7. Be always ready for hard work, but learn to accept failures. Be ready to find the new path,accept the situation, do not hesitate to do work hard.

I found Ashok Bhau young and energetic Successful Businessman, Sportsman,Social worker and Artist. We salute extraordinary and dynamic personality for achieving success he decided and our best wishes to Ashok Bhau for his future endeavour.

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