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IndiaAsha focuses on high-impact project initiatives and creates sustainable development and livelihood for local communities in India. Projects conducted by Asha Foundation aims at development and growth through education and skill building initiatives. Today all the consolidated efforts made by the foundation has touched many lives, from students to employees. The various trainings by IndiaAsha have made them capable of building their dream career.

Asha Mahotsav

asha_moahtsavAsha Mahotsav is a yearly inter school competition organized by Asha Foundation, since the year 2013, in Jalgaon city. This festival is a platform for the schools of Jalgaon to participate and show cases the talents of their students. The Mahotsav is organized especially amongst the students of class 5 to class 9. Asha Mahotsav provides with the students a rare opportunity to display their creative skills without even having to pay an entry fee. This stage encourages cultural activities amongst the schools of Jalgaon. It also provides a transparent competitive environment and motivation to all participants in the aspects of Creativity, Artistic sense, Brain storming effect, Use of natural resources wisely with a spirit to save the environment. It inspires the students to innovative and invent. Last but not the least the competition helps in personality development of the participants by providing them with an opportunity to display their in – born talents in the various categories of creative excellence. The spectators enjoy various programs showcased by the students of Jalgaon, all under in one roof. Almost all the schools of Jalgaon participate in this yearly competition and they all battle out to wins the title of the “Best School”.
This year, almost 750 Students from 33 schools of Jalgaon city participated in the Asha Mahotsav festival. The theme for this year was “Energy”.The various categories for the participants were Handwritting, Drawing, Poster, Science project, Waste to Best, Rangoli, Group Dance, Elocution, Natyachata and Muk Abhinay. Film Director “Rajdutta” graced the occasion as the “Chief Guest”.

Sharp Project

sharp_projectThe occurrence of Learning Disabilities has been estimated differently in the different countries of the world and the estimates vary from 1% to as high as 75%. There is very scanty reporting of prevalence of learning disabilities. In our schools we can find that few students are more than smart or good with their subjects and few more than weak and poor. Students who have problems with reading, writing, grasping and mathematics always fall behind. In most of the schools the ratio of such students are 10% to 15%, while in few schools this could be 22% to 55%. Our current education policy says “Do not fail any student until he goes in 8th class”. We can easily judge the severity of the problem in coming days. There is a need of special attention and proper guidance by teachers and parents to these students.Looking towards the necessity Asha Foundation’s INDEEA decided to work on this problem with project called SHARP… read more

Soft Skills and Personality Development

softskilAsha Foundation’s INDEEA conducts soft skill development and personality development workshop to increase the skill of the students for a better future ahead. Soft skill development sessions helps in learning and understanding all types of subject like Motivation, Leadership, Goal Setting, Success, Self Assessment, Communication skill, Manners and also visualized their. We have soft skill development sessions & workshop conducting in all Schools, Colleges, ITI, Industry etc. These workshops and orientations are for the students about their future, education skill, knowledge. In last six year around 15000 students got benefitted from it.

Softskill training workshops are helpful for students in schools, colleges as well as for the workers in the industries. These trainings impart them with valuable skills, which enable them to face the challenges in the corporate world. INDEEA believes education alone cannot support one to win the battle of life but education with proper grooming with make a person succeed and sustain his success.

The soft skill workshop organized by INDEEA has certain features like:

  • Active involvement of each participant and interactive approach through Audio Visual mediums.
  • Training includes both theory and Practical with the help of exercise.
  • Special attention to quality discipline and trainee satisfaction.
  • Course medium is bilingual (Marathi & English).
  • Participation certificate given to participants having 100% attendance.
Trainings for Students

IndiaAsha conducts training programs for Schools, Colleges, I.T.I institutes in Maharashtra for students. Training Programs like communication skills, Self-assessment, Aptitude test, Interview techniques, Behavioral trainings, Business etiquettes which will enhance their professional development and career.

We has partnership with more than 160 + colleges and institutions, some of which are listed below -

  • North Mahrashtra Universities Affiliated Colleges
  • H.R.Patel Women’s College Shirpur
  • G. D. Bendale College
  • Gulabrao Deokar Engg. College
  • Jaihind Institute of Management Dhule
  • Systel Institute of Management Dhule
  • Arts, Commerce, Science College at Bhalod, Navapur, Nandurbar, Taloda, Shahda, Bhisawal
  • IMCC College Pune
  • Jai-Hind Educational Trust’s Z.B.Patil College Dhule
  • Yuvasanskarshibir at Kudal
  • IMR College
  • Prayas Institution
  • Dhule Education Society R K Chitale School
  • Silicon Valley
  • Bhat Sabhagruh Samiti
  • A T Zambre School
  • P N Lunkad Kanya Vidyalaya
  • Y D Patil School
  • Dhanaji Nana College
  • P O Nahata College
  • Dr.Varsha Patil college
  • Govt. I.T.I in Maharashtra like Amalner, Parola, Pachora, Chalisgaon,Erandol, Muktainagar, Shahada, Akkalkuwa, Khed, Shirur, Haveli, Parali, Gunj, Pusad, Umerkhed
and more 160 + colleges and institutions…

Free Lectures on Career Guidance

carreer_guidanceThe right choice of career brings success and happiness. But how does a student find out which career path is right for him/ her. Is there a way to find their inclination towards any particular field? Asha Foundastions Psychological tests can help evaluate a student on his special abilities and guide them towards their right profession through their career counseling.

The psychological tests and counseling provides guidance about career selection and helps improve study techniques, How to Study? What are the abilities and skills required for a particular career? Students especially those in classes 10th and 12th are most benefited by this service of Asha Foundation .Asha Foundation organizes seminars to motivate the students and provide expert advice on improving their study techniques, thoughts, memory, writing speed & etc. I AM Test (Intelligence and Aptitude Measurement Test) is a computerized 3 hours psychological test developed by Janaprabodhini Institute Pune. This test helps the students to identify Orientation, Memory, Mathematical Skill & etc.

Psychological test is designed to help resolve the day to day problems of the human beings. It also helps to solve the confusing state of mind especially amongst teenagers. Certain Psychometric tests are used to evaluate the orientation as well as abilities of individuals which helps them for career selection. Asha Foundation is working on IAM test, 16PF test and some other psychological battery test to resolve the aptitude and attitude related issues. The sessions help individuals find solution to their problems. The counseling is carried out for students from schools to university level.



  • 12 hrs continued lecture given by Girish Kulkarni sir on 12 Jan 2014 Jalgaon at Bhaiyyasaheb Gandhe Hall.
  • Subject – Mala Bhetalele idol, 10th & 12th Career selection, Mulakhat Tantra – Yashacha Mantra, Palya maza mi palyacha, Vyawasayacha Ghati Marg, Shrimantanche Shrimant Vichaar.

Priya Dada Campaign

protect_girlWhile conducting the successful sessions of “Priya Tai” in the month of August 2014, the girl students enquired why there was no session for the Boys! Why are the MEN not told how to behave with WOMEN!

Teaching the men to respect woman as equals will give rise to better human beings and a better society. Keeping this thought in mind IndiaAsha launched “Priya Dada”. This session is all about talking to boys and young men regarding their outlook towards women.
Since 5th of January 2015, “Priya Dada” session has successfully taken place in 16 schools of Jalgaon, 9 schools of Dhule and 12 schools of Nagar.

The social activists and volunteers of IndiaAsha holds these 1hour sessions with the students and discuss a few important points like:

  1. Respecting woman
  2. Protecting and helping them in need
  3. Dressing appropriately
  4. Concentrating on studies during the student life
  5. Proper use of social media
  6. Ill effects of the media

The main objective of “Priya Dada” is to make the Indian men respect and treat woman with dignity. Each participant of “Priya Dada” is handed a letter from a father to his son where the father pens his thoughts advising his son that women deserve respect not because they are connected to men, but because they are human.

Protect Girl – Be Careful

protect_girlAs the world is moving towards globalization and each one of us becoming tech savvy, we cannot but deny that we are also extremely vulnerable towards protecting our children, specially the girl child. Asha Foundations theme for 2014, “Protect the girl is a mark and dedicating step towards woman’s safety. As a woman / girl faces many problems regarding sexual harassment be it anywhere from their own house, schools, college, work place, It is prime necessity of us to find out the precautionary ways to solve the problem and protect her. Asha foundation with a belief to enable every woman with physical strength, organizes a special karate course for girls and ladies in this regard. Their special issue of Abhineet is helpful for girls to understand the threat to them, the problems and help them with tips and advice on security as well as create awareness. In co-operation with Krupa Prakashan Asha Foundation has also published a book on the same topic called “Be Careful”.

Asha Foundation also organized a rally on 21 Dec 2013 for spreading awareness on women safety in today’s world to avoid the Nirbhaya case again. “Be careful” is a book based on articles which reveal how to protect the girl child and give her necessary security while bringing her up.

Palvichya Durva

palvichyadurva11-year-old PALVI has various ideas to make Ganpati idol. Asha Foundation INDEEA gave her a unique opportunity to display her creation of Ganpati Pratima by arranging an exhibition on the 6th & 7th of September 2013 at Tilak Sabhgruh Jalgaon. The statues were made up of imitation jewelleries, vegetables, Soil, flowers and rudraksh . The exhibition was a huge success amongst the students and their parents as this paved a way for a new career avenue.

Quiz Competition & Group Discussions

quizcompEvery year since 2010, on the occasion of Asha Foundation’s Anniversary, “INDEEA” organizes a Quiz Contest and GD Competition. The quiz contest is open for all school, college and individual group participants. The GD is organized for College Students only. The Quiz competition has 3 rounds with the 1st and 2nd being written and the final round being oral. Certificate is given to all the participants and the students qualifying for the 2nd round gets a free session on Soft Skill Training. The winning team gets an Annual Subscription of Abhineet Magazine. By participating in these competitions the participants become aware of their general knowledge & soft skill. Around 700 candidates took part in the GD and 2000 candidates participated in the Quiz contest from Jalgaon, Dhule and Nagar branches in 2014.

Science Day Events

Since 2013, Asha Foundation has been organizing The “Science Day Event”. The Inventions & Laws of science were displayed in different school for one full year which were in the form of poems written by Dr. Pandit Vidyasagar ( The Vice Chancellor of Nanded University ) in 2014, series of lecture arranged at 3 school as follows-

School Name Subject Lecturer No.of Participants
P N Lunkad Kanya School Science & Culture Girish Kulkarni 1000
A T Zambre School Everyday life science Mrs.Savita Bhole 250
Y D Patil School Science & Superstition Dr. R B Vaghulde 150

Seminars & Workshops

semnar_workshopSince 2008, Asha Foundation’s INDEEA is actively organizing seminars and Workshop in various Schools, Colleges, Industries Government Colleges, Government ITI and Office Staffs, throughout Maharashtra which covers the subject like Parenting, Goal Setting, Career, Motivation, Self Assessment, Soft Skill Development, Personality Development etc.

INDEEA has conducted softskill training session at Z.B.Patil Arts Commerce Science college, Dhule on 30 Jan 2011.After the training 24 participants were selected for IDBI bank through Campus selection.

Salient Features:-

  1. Highly qualified & experienced faculty members.
  2. Teaching with the help of AV Ads & well equipped infrastructure.
  3. Arrange public function for social & educational awareness.
  4. Active participation of the students.
  5. Limited student in a batch so personal attention to every student.
  6. Practical oriented computer courses

Content of Personality Development Program:-

  • Communication skill.
  • Personnel Brand Building.
  • Leadership Skill.
  • Interpersonal skill.
  • Decision Making.
  • Confidence Building.
  • Presentation skill.
  • Interview Techniques.
  • G.D.P.I
  • Goal Setting.
  • Employability Skill.
  • Business Etiquettes.
  • Time & Stress Management.
  • Public Speaking.
  • C.V/ Resumes writing.
  • SWOT Analysis
  • E-mail etiquettes
  • Self-Assessment& Attitude

INDEEA has conducted Training sessions at:

  • ARTS, COMMERCE, SCIENCE COLLEGE – Navapur, Visarwadi, Pimpalner, Sakri, Nizampur, Taloda, Ainpur, Bhusawal, Bhalod, Bodwad, Jamner, Chopada, Shendurni
  • G GKhadse Arts, Science college Muktainagar
  • S M Arts, Commerce college Muktainagar
  • B.P. Arts Commerce college, Chalisgaon
  • S S M M College Pachora
  • H R Patel Womens college Shirpur
  • GulabraoDeokarEngg College Jalgaon
  • IMR Jalgaon, Jamner
  • IMRD college Shirpur
  • Systel Institute of Management – Dhule
  • Jai Hind Trust Z.B. Patil college & Institute of management & studies, Dhule
  • Narayan BankatVachnalayaChalisgaon
  • S S V P S’s P R GhogareSci College Dhule
  • Govt Polytechnic, Dhule
  • Saraf Pharmacy College Sakegaon ( Bhusawal )
  • P. O. Nahata College Bhusawal
  • Pratap College, Amalner
  • ShrimatiSharadchandrika Suresh Patil Institute of Technology, Chopada
  • EkalavyaPrashikshan Kendra, Nandurbar
  • Sardar Patel Arts & Science College, Ainpur
  • D. D. N.Bhole College, Bhusawal
  • North Maharashtra University – Dept of Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences & U.D.C.T.
  • Dr. G D Bendale Women’s College, Jalgaon
  • S V S Arts &Sci College Dondaicha
  • K D Gavit Arts Comm College, DhanoraDistNandurbar
  • N T V S ‘s Arts Comm College, DhanoraDistNandurbar
  • Maharaj J P Valvi Arts College DhadgaonDistNandurbar
  • P K Kotecha Women’s College Bhusawal
  • IMCC College Pune
  • J T Mahajan Polytechnic Faizpur
  • Govt ITI : – JalgaonDist – Jalgaon( Girls ), Pachora, Chalisgaon, Amalner, Parola, Uchande, MuktainagarErandol, Chopada
  • Dhule Dist – Shirpur, Navapur, Shahada
  • Govt ITI – Parali-Vaijanath, Khed, Shirur, Dahiwadi, Haveli, Akrani, Shahada, Jalkot, Akkalkuwa, Umerkhed, Gunj, Pusad, Gadhinglaz, Turkewadi, V.K.Patil ITI Nagar, Navapur, Darvha, Wai, Shahda, Ashti, Kopargaon
Faculty Development program:-

  • Arts Sci&Comm College Jamner
  • Govt ITI – Jalgaon, Jalgaon ( Girls ), Pachora,Dahiwadi&Sangola
  • RashtriyaVidyalayaBodwad
  • Lord GaneshaEng medium School Jamner
  • IMR College, Jamner
  • MCVC Teachers ( Nasik Region ) Training, Jalgaon

Seminars on Parenting at:-

  • Janaprabodhini School Navnagar
  • VivekanandPratishtanJalgaon
  • KashinathPalod Public School Jalgaon
  • B G Shanbaug School, Jalgaon
  • GarudVachanalaya Dhule
  • BrhaminSabhaBhusawal
  • Jain MahilaMandalJalgaon
Corporate Training –

  • JalgaonJanataSahakari Bank, Jalgaon
  • Bajaj Auto Aurangabad
  • HDFC & ICICI Debt Recovery Agent Training
  • MITCON Training
  • News Reporter Workshop
  • Tarun Bharat employee training
  • Jalgaon&Bhusawal region Post office employee training
  • LIC Agents Jalgaon
  • JalgaonDist Milk Federation, Jalgaon
  • Ordinance Factory Varangaon
  • ITShastra ( India ) Pvt Ltd Mumbai
  • SahakarPrashikshan Kendra, Jalgaon
  • Deepastambh Foundation


India Asha is responsible for conducting various Programs like the I AM Testing & Counselling,Group Discussions, Quiz Competition, Soft Skills and Personality Development and many more…

  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty members.
  • Organize public function for social & educational awareness.
  • Active participation of the students.
  • Limited student in a batch to provide personal attention to every student on various activities.
  • Conducts Psychological Testing Career Guidance & Counseling
Upcoming training
interest areas
  • Soft skills Training Workshop
  • Aptitude Training
  • Social Collaborations
  • Investor Awareness Program
Other Activities
conducted by India Asha
  • Counseling Session of Remand Home Boys
  • Group Discussion competition
  • Essay competition – ” Ha Desh Kunacha ”
  • JagarSanwedanancha exhibition & Lecture of Hiralal Yadav
  • Samaj shikshak Sanman
  • Vivekanand Vyakhyan Mala, Dhule and many other events

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