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IndiaAsha is actively involved in promoting education, Civic Duties, healthcare, sustainable livelihood and social causes and civic duties. Our rural development activities and our single-minded goal is to help build people to can stand on their own feet. With wide experience & deep local expertise, our projects address critical issues affecting India in the 21st century like economic development, women’s empowerment, environment, education, and personality development.

The goal is to improve lives, expand opportunities and help societies flourish through our continuous efforts. Some of the activities recently performed are as below.


IndiaAsha’s Indeea is an educational project for soft skill development and career oriented computer courses. This project is designed to make students well aware about their soft skills, to shape and polish everyone to prepare them for the new exciting corporate world. The aim of the project is to increase the employ ability of the students in the urban and rural areas. Indeea, known for its workshops, concentrate on the seminars as well as workshops. These seminars & workshops are user defined. The subjects vary from goal setting to professional behavior from personality development to presentation skills.

Services we offer:

  • Career guidance & career counseling.
  • Counseling for good parenting.
  • Soft skills development courses.
  • SHARP – School & Home Applicable Remedial Program for kids , facing learning differences.
  • Social Activities.

Primitive / Preventive Health Care

  1. Building AIDS awareness campaign
  2. Blood group check up (to make blood donation an easy process)
  3. Nutrition awareness Campaign

Civic Duties

  1. Encouragement for enrolling as Voter for all eligible voters
  2. Encouragement for actual voting (at local as well as national level)
  3. Building awareness in public for “government servants” being public servants and making them accountable for their responsibilities.
  4. Building awareness in public that government properties are built using public Tax money and making people use government properties as “their own properties” (with proper care). Not to destroy the properties, etc.
  5. Promoting “I may end up giving bribes, BUT I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY BRIBES”. IndiaAsha believe by doing so, at least one person is now “no longer can be corrupt”.
  6. Promoting impact of environment of daily life and promoting perseverance of environment.

List goes on… so many ideas!

We already have a small team of dedicated volunteers for this. With the help of local volunteers, we plan to expand the concept through out India. We are looking to grow and help communities.

We need your help – Money and Time. Even if you can donate just a tiny part of your income, it will have a huge impact!

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